Your Restaurant Can Benefit from E-Invoicing 

As a restaurant manager or owner, you feel like there’s always a thousand different things that need your attention: keeping an eye on food quality and customer service, maximizing your local reputation and brand image, and ensuring that your operations processes are efficient. When you’ve got a ton of fires to put out, you might not think you have the time to pay attention to your invoicing procedures. However, a streamlined paperless system will increase your business’ productivity for both your primary operations and your back-office management. The key is finding the right customer management software.

All-in-One Solutions

Focusing on procuring the best invoice software is an admirable goal, but it limits the potential of how you can transform the entire administration of your restaurant business. Your catering staff can quickly provide quotes for upcoming events using an estimate tool that’s part of your total solution. Those estimates can then be converted into work orders and eventually invoices, which will be handled by your accounts receivable process. Sending out these invoices and collecting payment will also be simple, with e-invoicing tools and connectivity to an online portal that allows customers to pay you electronically. From beginning to end, these functionalities work together to craft a fully-featured solution that saves you time, money and headaches.

An Effective Paperless System Can Save You Money

“Going paperless” might seem like a fancy buzzword to you. Alternatively, you might have been thinking about heading in that direction but you weren’t sure how to do it. It’s not as simple as scanning paper invoices and dumping them onto a hard drive. Purchasing Insights estimated that an entirely paper-free e-invoice system can save you over $4.00 per invoice as opposed to a paper-based setup. Isn’t it time you took advantage of a robust customer management system that can cut costs and make your restaurant’s operations exponentially more efficient?

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