Spend More Time Painting and Less Time Invoicing

Since your back-office operations are critical to your painting business’ success, you need them to be dependable, systematic and streamlined. This includes management of your accounts receivables, one of your most vital assets. However, with an inefficient method you’re wasting money in both labor and materials. However, you must think beyond simply “going paperless” to reap any benefits it might offer.

Start-to-Finish Systematic Integration Is the Key

There’s no question that going paperless will likely reduce your costs. Purchasing Insights estimates that using e-invoicing costs businesses an average of $3.13 per invoice to process, as opposed to $7.99 per invoice for those still using paper methods. However, this is only true if you replace your current invoicing method with a more robust system.

In short, you don’t just need the best invoice software you can find. You need powerful customer management software that includes an estimate tool, invoice functionality, expense and payment tracking, reporting features and the ability to link to an online payment gateway so you get paid easier. An enterprise system with a completely paperless electronic workflow will allow you to handle each customer from start to finish: estimates, new job orders, billing and payments.

Additionally, your customer management software should be accessible from anywhere: in the back office, in the field and even from other remote locations. You’ll save your painters from wasting time handling excess paper and processes, permitting them to input estimates and jobs from laptops, smartphones or other mobile devices. Your AR staff can then access the data, and then invoice customers and collect payments in a few easy steps. Meanwhile, your management staff benefits from reports that show you a fuller picture of your business operations.

More Than Just Going Paperless

There’s going paperless, and then there’s start to finish paperless workflow. A customer management solution that integrates e-invoicing, reporting, tracking and customer database management is an all-in-one solution your company can’t afford to be without. With this type of solution, you’ll streamline your processes, cut costs and increase your ability to do more business.

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