What Does a 21st Century Landscaping Business Look Like?

Gone are the days of American Gothic, so you can safely put that image into the back of your mind. Just as farmers have modernized their methods, many of today’s best landscapers have gone high-tech. Here are some operational aspects of 21st century businesses that are seeing impacts in the world of trees and shurbs.

Go From Proposal to Invoice in One Click

How many times have you handed a proposal to a client and had him or her accept it on the spot? Online payment services make it easy to convert an existing proposal into an itemized bill.

Reward Estimators for Their Results

Those who run a business where multiple estimators hit the field each day benefit from a project management tool where reports show the activity of each associate. Create custom reports to see who is the most effective agent for selling a particular item, or use your dashboard to find out who is leading the team in overall sales.

Reap the Rewards of Recurring Billing

Some landscapers have established accounts that they visit every month or by some other predetermined frequency. Customers like consistent bills, and your business benefits from the revenue supplied by recurring invoicing.

Identify Unpaid Invoices at a Glance

Delinquent customers happen, not necessarily because they meant not to pay, but for a variety of reasons. In any case, your company is entitled to be compensated for the work that was done. You can use your project management tool to see an up-to-date listing of any outstanding invoices.

Match Documents to Your Brand

You’re in the business of making properties beautiful, so why should your company’s written communication reflect anything less? Start with a template, then breathe life into your standard invoice by using your organization’s logo and colors.

The benefits of modern landscaping may cure your wistfulness for the good ole’ days of gardening and lawn maintenance. Advantages such as those covered in this article can make a green thumb’s job easier and more comfortable.

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