Online Billing: The Fool-Proof Solution for Distributors Everywhere

If you run a large-scale distribution company, your online customer management and project management software is crucial for the success of your enterprise. Without proper organization, you run the risk of delayed orders and dissatisfied clients. Many people believe that you have to purchase online software to find all the features that you need to keep a business going. However, this is no longer the case; free online billing software is revolutionizing the market and giving professionals cutting-edge features without requiring a single payment.

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The days of switching between several confusing platforms that run slowly and bog down your system are over. Online customer management software can be accessed through the internet and provides unlimited storage capacity so you can enter in a large amount of information with ease. Forget about crashes and data loss; online platforms are increasing the efficiency and net worth of businesses worldwide. You can easily create a profile for each customer and keep track of payment information as well as make notes about their consuming habits for more personalized customer service. Synch up your account with your merchant account so that info is automatically updated whenever a payment is processed.

Project Management Made Easy

If you’re leading a brainstorming session, popular sale features can take your game to the next level. Take advantage of proposal templates to create unique offers that can draw and retain a new customer base. Quickly convert proposal accounts to new invoice accounts to start keeping track of revenue. You can even keep track of individual team members to determine who is attracting the most clients to your business.

No distribution company is operating at its best without an online invoice generator. Simply sign up for an online account to streamline the way you keep track of your services and customers. The stress of your work day can be greatly minimized knowing that you have software that is well-designed, intuitive and helpful.

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