Important Invoice Features for Consultants

As a consultant, there are certain features that are particularly important when you create invoices. Because your service is not necessarily visible, clients may have a harder time understanding what they are paying for. The following features might be particularly useful for consultants.


The customization available on the invoicing software makes it easy for you to create services you offer regularly, which makes your invoice creation more efficient. You can choose to breakdown the cost by showing taxes, labor fees and any other associated costs. While the customization can help make your bill legible and informative, it also gives you the opportunity to add professionalism. You can update the templates with your company’s logo and color scheme.


Billing software provides more than an opportunity to send out easy-to ready invoices. It also plays a role in how your business collects receivables. After you send out the initial bill, following up can be a hassle. However, with automatic reminders, you do not have to worry about collections quite as much. 


Keeping records is vital for any type of business, but it can be especially so for a consultant agency. Reports can show typical monthly expenses, the biggest clients, sales records, top services and other aspects of business performance that you can use to make important decisions about your company. When you have easy-to-create, legible reports at your fingertips, you might be better prepared to pick your next marketing tool or create a new budget, for example.


Finally, the flexibility of invoicing software can be important. Some billing methods may require your clients pay with cash or check. However, for many consumers, paying with a credit or debit card is ideal. When you use web-based invoices as opposed to paper products, you gain access to an electronic payment system. This system can help provide various payment methods to your customers. This program also provides flexibility in how you communicate with your customers. You can choose to email, mail or fax your invoices. What’s best for you and your clients?

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