Serve Customers

Stay on top of customer accounts and relationships! The Invoices Unlimited customer relationship management functionality gives you the tools you need to keep your business growing.

Quickly Add New Contacts

Keep customer contact information right at your fingertips! With Invoices Unlimited, you can add or update relevant contact information and notes that can be accessed by you whenever and wherever needed.

Browse or Search Contact Data

Find the information you are looking for in no time! Invoices Unlimited enables you to browse through your contacts by name or perform searches for contacts that meet certain criteria.

Review Customer Receivable Balances

Follow up on outstanding receivables! Invoices Unlimited allows you to sort accounts by largest outstanding receivables so you can prioritize collection efforts.

Quick Guide: Customer Database Software 

Customer database software gives businesses the tools needed to communicate with their customers. Whether you want to get feedback or send out payment reminders, this technology may make it easier for you keep in touch with your clients. This management tool can help businesses of all sizes track payments, create customer profiles and stay connected.

 Track Payments 

It is important for all businesses to keep track of their receivables. After you perform a service or provide a good for a customer, you need to make sure that he or she pays you. Depending on the size of your company, it might be hard to remember who has and has not paid. That is where customer management software can come in. This cloud technology allows you to view your receivable balances. You can even sort customers based on the size of the outstanding balance, which can help you figure out where to start your collections.

Create Profiles

While tracking receivables is important, creating a customer profile is likely the first thing you will do with this software. What type of information is in a profile? That is up to you, but it may include the following:

  • Customer name
  • Company name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Web address
  • Street address

For some customers, you may want to keep additional notes as well. This section can keep you and your employees informed about the customer’s needs and wants, which might help you keep everyone happy. These profiles make it easy to send out proposals and invoices.

Stay Connected

This customer management tool makes it easy for you to stay connected with your clients. Not only is this database an easy place to store contact information, but it can also be organized by customer name or contact criteria. Do you want to create a mailing list? After a simple search, you can find all of your customers who have a street address. You can use this contact information to send newsletters, coupons, surveys and other professional greetings.